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About Hillcrest Blueberry Farm LLC

Hillcrest Blueberry Farm, LLC was the brainchild of Chris Alexander in 1992 after reading an article in a local paper about the profitability of blueberries. In the fall of 1992 the first 50 acres of blueberries were planted. Since then Hillcrest Blueberry Farm, LLC has experienced many changes.

For years Hillcrest Blueberry Farm, LLC specialized only in commercial fresh blueberry sales. In 2008 Chris, and his wife Daye, decided to experiment with on-farm sales. We started with humble beginnings. Our store merely consisted of a small counter, a few you pick buckets and blueberry lemonade. Since 2008 Hillcrest Blueberry Farm, LLC Farm Store has experienced extraordinary growth.

In July 2016, Southern Living magazine recognized us as being one of four farms considered U-Picks Worth The Road Trips. With this growth, we are excited to announce the construction and new location 766 Ferguson Road, Gloster, LA 71030 of a new, bigger and better farm store! We will be offering new product and are working on new projects that are interactive and fun! Thank you to all of our loyal customers for your continued support as we embark on this new and exciting endeavor. Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates, pictures, etc.